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           The Unofficial Site of the Wolfgang & HP Special Guitar!

Welcome to the worlds biggest and best Wolfgang guitar site!  This site is dedicated to Eddie Van Halen's Wolfgang Guitar, produced by Peavey Electronics from late 1996 through the end of 2004 and the new HP Special.  This site is in no way affiliated with Peavey, EVH or any other party.  Although there are usually a few guitars for sale here, this is not a commercial enterprise.  It's sole purpose is the enjoyment of Wolfgang & HP Special guitars.  This site is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.  If you visit regularly don't forget to refresh the pages when you first view them as the old page is likely stored in your cache.

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Ed plays a Custom Shop Wolfgang at the last dress rehearsal for the 2004 tour.   On the right Ed plays his #1 Sunburst Quilt on the 2004 tour. He smashed it on the last night of the tour in Tucson (say it isn't so!), along with his green special.  Click either picture to see lots of pictures of Ed playing Wolfgangs.


Interesting Fact:  Did you know that as few or fewer than 2,000 Wolfgang quilt tops (500 per color) were produced prior to the switch to flame maple in late 1997?  The original year quilts are much rarer than most people realize.  That is not a lot for a production guitar like this.  And how many are in collectable condition?



The new HP Specials are finally here.  An awesome guitar at a great price! It has what you love about the Wolfgang with a lot more versatility.  Go to the HP Specials page to see them


The new RockNRollWeekend.com Site is now Live.  All Content has been Moved to this new site

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