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New site now live.  All content has moved. This site is no longer updated

The Peavey EVH Custom Shop "was" a group of 4 highly talented craftsman each with their own specialty.  The shop closed to Wolfgang orders in 2004 with the departure of EVH but has re-opened for the HP Special in 2005 (Click this link to see a review of the first HP - HP Review).   The Custom Shop operated out of the Leakesville guitar facility, which was closed in April, 2003.  It opened in January of 2002.  The EVH Custom Shop was moved to Peavey's main facility in Meridian, MS in May of 2003 along with the rest of guitar production.   I originally had no idea the Custom Shop was a such a small group.  During the slightly more than a year that they operated out of Leakesville, so much time was spent on each guitar that they were only producing an average of little less than one Wolfgang Custom Shop model per day.  Approximately 285 Custom Shop Wolfgangs were produced in Leakesville, of which 92 of these were specific orders and the rest were produced for the Vault or the NAMM show..  The attention to detail really showed in the finished product.  Another 130 specific customer orders were produced in Meridian after mid 2003 and another 70 or so Vault guitars, many of which are not really true Customs as they were using up remaining materials inventory.  Thus, approximately 500 Custom Shop Wolfgangs were built from 2002 through 2004 (220 were specific customer orders).  More than 100 of those have made it to this site thus far and are pictured here.  Again, some of the last 50 were really put together using whatever parts and pieces they had in order to help move the remaining inventory and shouldn't be viewed as the same quality as a prior Custom Shop guitar.  Any Wolfgang where the only upgrade is a rosewood fretboard is technically called a Custom Shop, but most really are not.   EVH didn't want the production guitars to have rosewood fretboards so the only way they could produce them like this was to call them Custom Shop guitars.  While these guitars are not really Custom Shop guitars, the rosewood fretboard is less common.  They only had this option the last 3 years after the Custom shop opened.   For now I would say about 450 real Custom Shop models is a good number.  The Custom Shop models were/are the ultimate rock guitar.  The HP Special model may even go further, but time will tell.

It is my guess that the Custom Shop was conceived and implemented as a way to showcase the best of what Peavey can do with guitars and the Wolfgang.  It is an image builder and a marketing program for the company and not a profit center.  Those are my words, not theirs.  With such a limited production, this just adds to the special nature of this guitar.  In addition to incredible quality, tone and unique configurations, you have a very limited supply.  Many of the guitars produced by the Custom Shop are one of a kind. 

When I started ordering guitars from the Custom Shop I wanted to try everything.  I wanted to try each of the different woods they offered for the body.  I had to try different tops and different configurations.  I am just as excited (maybe more so) when I receive a new guitar from the Shop today or find one in the after market.  There is that great anticipation of opening the case for the first time.  And then plugging it in and firing it up!  Wow!   I also view them as my art collection!

Following is a list of Custom Shop models, along with a description and link to a page for each with pictures.  About 1/3rd of these guitars are mine but as people send me pictures and descriptions of theirs I will create a listing and a page for them and give them credit.  If that person would like to include their e-mail address for questions from others I will include it.

Custom Shop Options -  The Custom Shop would do special things if you asked them to, which I really appreciate.  One was a string through bridge, another was a birdseye maple top.  The others were generally custom top colors, body colors or fretboard inlays.  They also produced some guitars for the NAMM shows and the EVH Vault with some special options such as solid Koa or Korina construction, mahogany neck, special inlays, decorative pick-up rings, Lucite body, etc..  Following was what they let you configure on-line:

After selecting whether to start with a Special, Special Deluxe, Standard or Standard Deluxe, the basic options that anyone could select in building a Custom Shop Wolfgang on-line were; the body wood; top wood; fretboard wood; fretboard inlays; bridge type; hardware color; top color / graphic and matching/standard headstock.  The body wood options were basswood (standard), Alder, Ash or Mahogany.  You could get Koa as a body wood but it wasn't a standard option.   You could get a stop tail bridge or a Floyd Rose Tremolo system (same price for either).  You could choose the hardware color as chrome (standard), gold or black.  The Specials came with the birdseye neck, which was an upgrade from a production special.  For the fretboard you could select Birdseye (standard), Rosewood or Ebony.  For the inlays they had pearl or black dots (standard), EVH Blocks, Tribal Flames, Skulls or if you asked them they would leave the inlays off.  For the top you could select flame maple (standard), quilted maple, Koa or none (solid body construction).  There were about 30 colors to choose from including graphics and a custom graphic option.  I did this with my Luna De Fuego guitar.  I supplied the art and they got it on the guitar with their artist.  And finally you could get a matching headstock, which I always did.  I also love the stop tail bridge, especially with the more exotic woods.  It overall just has a better feel on the action and provides for a little better sustain.  However, sometimes you just got have that trem and so if I only had one Wolfgang it would have a trem.  Fortunately, I have a few to choose from!

Custom Inlays - All of the Custom Shop special inlays were done by Ron Thorn.  You can see Ron's site at:  I asked Ron if he did any custom inlays for the Wolfgangs beyond the 5 that were available through the Custom Shop standard offering.  This is what he said:  "As far as 'custom' inlays went, I recall one that I inlaid that read 'Les Paul' in pearl in a 50's style font.  That apparently was going to be a gift from EVH to Les.  I never saw it completed.  There were a handful of other ones, such as wolf heads, diamonds, and I think a koa hot-rod flame board....  There were a couple that I did in pin-stripe flames using a silver acrylic for the outside edge of the flames and a black pearloid for the center.... those looked pretty hip."  You should check out Ron's site.  He does some really cool stuff.

The very last or 2nd to last listing at the bottom of the page has a link to another page of pictures I got from the Custom Shop.  <Click the thumbnail pictures below for a larger image and the links to the left where available for more pictures>

Greenburst Quilt String-thru Gorgeous greenburst string-thru quilt.  Shipped out as last order.  Had this on order for 20 months.  The issue was parts for the string-thru.  It isn't what I originally ordered as they ran out of time but I love it just the same.  It did go back and get the matching headstock completed per the original order and I am happy about that!   I can't say enough about this top and it plays and sounds great as you would expect.
Cyanburst Quilt Top - ST

This guitar is beautiful..  It is Ocean and Sand.  The top is the ocean and the neck and fretboard are the sand.  The colors on this guitar are gorgeous.  This is a custom color the Custom Shop did for me I call Cyanburst.  The materials they picked out for this guitar are outstanding.  The color of the neck is the lightest I have seen and goes so perfectly with this guitar.  The black binding was also their call and it turned out great.  And what a sweet sound! 
Orange Quilt Top - Ash ST I was very surprised to see this guitar become available in the EVH vault right at the end as during the wind down I have not seen anything like this.  Really nice uniform quilt, ash body, matching headstock (a must for me) and trans orange body rather than the standard gloss black which I like to see.  No inlays on a super nice fretboard, but does have black side dots. I would have ordered a guitar just like this if I could have so I was very happy to be able to get this one.  They only made a couple in this color.
Safety Orange 3 Humbucker I am pretty sure this is the only guitar done in Safety Orange.  This was the very last Custom Shop guitar produced.  In fact, it came to me unfinished and had to go back because they didn't have time when it was all ending.  They made a few others like this in black.  It is an Ash body, with volume controls on the neck and bridge pick-ups and it has coil tap switch when you pull out the 2nd volume knob.  You can get some unique tones out of this one.  It has an ebony fretboard with just side markers, and Orange body and a matching headstock.
Dark Cherryburst String-thru Don Smith from the mountains of West Virginia sold me this guitar.  He waited over a year for it and they must have completed it at the same time as the greenburst as I know they didn't have the parts to do a string-thru for almost two years.  I did not know it existed until I received the pictures.   It is gorgeous like the green one.  It has a one piece mahogany back as well.  There are only a handful of Wolfgang string-thrus ever produced.
Birdseye Top - Mocha Burst This guitar is very unique in that you don't see many birdseye tops and I am not sure why when you consider it is maple and it has such a great look.  I love the colors and the birdseye really gives it a different look that is striking, especially in different lighting .  I really am surprised you don't see more of these. The body is a very dark burgundy.  Another Custom Shop masterpiece!
Custom Deluxe Special This guitar is about as "one of a kind" as you can get.  I am not a big fan of "paintings" on guitars, but when I came up with this picture I just felt like it would come out great and that is an under statement.  The art was put on the guitar by John Douglas ( through the Custom Shop.  John does a lot of work with Peavey.  The art is based on a painting by Manuel Nunez.  The painting, from the early 90's is called Luna De Fuego (Moon of Fire).  This guitar has no neck pick-up or toggle switch.
Custom Candy Apple Special I have come to love the solid basswood Custom Shop Special.  I have two of them and the tone is awesome.  The key with the Custom Shop is that you get the much nicer birdseye neck/fretboard and the better tuners.  The better necks make all the difference.  This one is a custom Candy Apple Red color.  I wasn't sure I would like this one because I didn't know if it would have the quality feel, but it absolutely does. 
Candy Apple w/Black Hardware Same as the one above only with black hardware, all black pick-up covers and black dots on the fretboard.  Has matching headstock as well.
Orange Flame ST Produced on the very last day of production this is a rare burnt orange color.  They only did a couple of these towards the end of production.  5A Flame top with an Ash body, mother of pearl flame inlays on a rosewood fretboard, gold hardware and a matching headstock.  Too bad they didn't have time to do a transparent finish on the body.
Tiger Eye Flame ST The serial number on this guitar suggests it might be a special project Custom Shop guitar as it begins with 110.  It is a 5A tiger eye flame top with a rosewood fretboard and black headstock. 
Korina Custom Standard There is one other guitar just like this, but it doesn't have a matching headstock.  They both have ebony fretboards and EVH block inlays.  Pick-ups all black with black hardware.  I bought this at the NAMM 2004 show as did the other person.  Until we ran into each other we were both under the impression they only made one.  I sent mine back to have a matching headstock done where he took his from the show. (the other one now belongs to Tim Joyce and has since been sent back by Tim for a matching headstock and black hardware change). 
Fire Graphic Custom Deluxe This fire graphic looks great in certain lighting both dark and bright.  The black binding is perfect on this one giving it a look of no binding.  An ebony fretboard would have been the way to go but it has a nice rosewood board that still works.  The body is basswood.  The headstock is the standard black but is OK on this one because it matches the guitar.  I normally like to see a matching headstock on a Custom Shop model.   This was at the summer NAMM 2004 show.
Blue Swirl Quilt Special One of the last of the Custom Shop Wolfgangs.  Very interesting top that is almost electric in the light.  It is almost like it is backlit.  Rosewood fretboard.
Natural Flame Special Deluxe This guitar is a heavy mahogany body and has a real natural beauty to it.  The natural binding really looks nice.  The guitar has a great feel to it and makes me wish and I bought a few more specials early on.  Like almost all of the Custom Shop guitars it plays great and is another work of art.
Solid Koa Special This is an exceptional guitar.  It was built for the January 2003 NAMM show and displayed there.  The body is a solid piece of very pretty Koa with a mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard.  It has a natural hand rubbed oil finish.  It has a great feel and a nice tone to go with it.
Ocean Blue Custom Quilt I heard about this guitar right after it was built for the summer NAMM show in 2004 and I bought it sight unseen.  It was actually built in Leakesville and went into storage, where upon it was rediscovered for the show.  It seemed to disappear for awhile after NAMM so I was afraid it got sold to someone else, but one day it appeared.  The different shades of blue (with brown) in the quilt that are shown in the pictures is actually how it looks.  This guitar turned out very unique and is a favorite of almost everyone who has seen it in person.  It is definitely one for the "art collection".
Tiger Eye Quilt Top - Alder Body

The alder body on this guitar gives it a warm tone and is the closest of any of the woods to the standard Wolfgang sound.  The Tiger Eye quilt top is Superb on this guitar.  The back is a dark red color, which the custom shop chose.  I like it!
Dark Cherry-burst Quilt Top - ST

The black binding and ebony fretboard give this guitar a great and unique look.  There is an optical illusion that it is thicker than a regular Wolfgang due to the monochromatic look from the side.  The body is Ash which gives the guitar a different and unique tone.  The look of this guitar is the favorite of many people who see my guitars in person.
Dark Cherryburst Flame Top This one now belongs to Robbie Staples of Canada. Another top that the light just makes it come alive.  The black binding really works on this one and it has an exceptional top.  With the black binding and the black outer burst the headstock in black works well.
Koa Top - Finished - ST

This is the first Custom Shop order ever taken and delivered. This Koa top guitar is one of kind.  It has a heavy Mahogany body giving it a weight similar to a Les Paul.  The beauty of the wood up close is stunning.  Of all my Wolfgang's this one has the tone that is furthest from a standard Wolfgang.  It has an incredible clean tone.
Koa Top - Unfinished - ST

This is one of my personal favorites.  There is no clear coat on this guitar.  It is natural wood with a hand rubbed oil finish.  The birdseye in the neck matches the guitar.  The beauty of the wood is stunning.  The body is a light mahogany and the tone is my favorite of all the guitars I have.  Even the removable covers on the back are made out of mahogany to match the body.  This guitar feels great in your hands!
Harvestburst Stop Tail This is a harvestburst quilt top with a mahogany body and gold hardware.  It looks a lot different in the direct natural light vs. indoors in darker light.  Both looks are good but they are different.  Nice feeling neck, but that just about applies to all the Custom Shop guitars I have come in contact with. Transparent dark red finish on the mahogany body, abalone dot inlays on the fretboard and a matching headstock.  It now belongs to Robert Schwab.
Mahogany Flame - ST (Gold) I purchased this guitar from the 2004 January NAMM show.  It is solid mahogany and the tone was surprising in that it has a beefy mid range.  This one might turn into my regular player or one of them.  The natural mahogany flame is unique.  I might have gone with chrome hardware so when the one below became available....  Like all of the Custom shop models there is tons of birdseye in the neck.
Mahogany Flame - ST (Chrome) This is the configuration as the one above only this one has chrome hardware and a natural finish on the body.  The picture above is taken in direct sunlight and this one is taken in natural light but not direct. The color is the same.  I am going to eventually sell one, I just can't decide which one.  I bought this one from the EVH Vault when the Custom Shop closed down because I really loved the tone from the other one and I liked the chrome hardware better on this one.  I bought it to having something to sell and now .............
Vintage Sunburst Flame Top

This is without a doubt one of the coolest flame tops I have ever seen.  The wood is alive and it has a great vintage look.  Pictures don't do it justice. The fretboard has black dots which is the only thing I might change.  I find I lose my point of reference sometimes without clearer markings.  For a better guitar player I am sure it wouldn't be an issue.  The body is Basswood for that classic Wolfgang sound.
Black Violet Quilt Top - ST

This is a beautiful black violet quilt top.  I put this guitar next to my best purple, original year quilt and this color is more vibrant.  This is a high quality quilt.  It is a basswood body.
Harvestburst Quilt Top

I received this guitar on March 3rd, 2003.  This is one of my favorites.  It is an incredibly beautiful guitar with a tone that matches its beauty.  The workmanship on this guitar is as good as it gets. It has a superior tone and is something special.  Also, the Mahogany on this guitar is much lighter than the harvestburst flame top below, which is heavy like a Les Paul.
Harvestburst Flame Top The Custom Shop has only produced 5 or 6 string through guitars.  Three are this harvestburst color and two of them are right here. The third was made for the January 2003 NAMM show and is a quilt. There is also a greenburst and a red one shown here. The holes are straight across on this string through and in an arc pattern on the quilt above.  The quilt also has "Wolfgang" and "EVH" in white lettering, while the lettering is all gold in this one. The quilt has a white toggle switch and the knobs are also gold. This flame has abalone dot inlays.
Natural Flame Stop Tail A beautiful natural flame stop tail produced in Meridian on 10/26/04.  Mahogany body with natural stain finish.  No inlays.  This is a very pretty guitar with a great tone.
Snakeskin Archtop Very well done Snakeskin graphic.  Pearl dot inlays on Birdseye neck and fretboard.  Produced 12/09/04 in Meridian.
American Flag w/Skulls Notice what looks like shadows on the American Flag graphic.  That is part of the detailed paint job to make it look like there are shadows that are not there.  Produced on 12/08/04 in Meridian.
Prototype Birdseye - No Finish This was a prototype Custom Shop model that was left without any finish at all.  It is a Mahogany body and a birdseye top.  There is so serial number on the headstock.  It was gigged and the owner thought this was just the greatest sounding and playing guitar.  The top is perfect, but the back is scuffed up (character!).  However, since it isn't finished it could be easily sanded and finished.  The fretboard is in great shape too.  This guitar lives in Australia now.
EVH Striped Peavey produced a few striped Wolfgangs the first year for promotional purposes.  This was long before the Custom Shop, but it is still a Custom job.  I believe this to be one of those based on the serial number and talking to people at Peavey.  Ed refused to allow them to produce a striped Wolfgang even though they tried repeatedly.  I think there are only three of these.  The guitar is in perfect condition.
Alder Special This is a solid body Alder Custom Special.  Its beauty is its natural look and surprising tone.  Alder is not an especially exciting wood, but the more you look at this guitar and its lines the better you like it.  I am partial to the look of the natural wood.  I could play this one as my main guitar.  It just feels good and has a very nice warm tone as a result of the solid Alder body.
Seafoam Custom Special This is a metallic Seafoam green finish on a Special.  This guitar has the upgraded tuners that the standards come with and a birdseye neck and fretboard, eliminating the two main negatives to a regular special.  Pearl dot inlays and a matching headstock also add to the custom nature of this guitar.
Black ST - Coil Tap, Drop D This Custom Shop black stop tail is wired with a coil tap switch that spits the pick-ups and has a drop D device on the low E that I have never seen before on a Wolfgang.  The guitar features a rosewood fretboard with really nice abalone bar inlays.  The guitar is in new condition.  It was originally built for a Peavey endorsee at the time named Steve Henderlong of 39 stripes.  Steve is with Gibson now.  Steve ordered his guitars with coil tap switch where the tone control was.
All Mahogany Custom This is a really nice all mahogany custom deluxe with rosewood fretboard and maple dot inlays, with a hand rubbed oil finish.  The creme colored pick-up rings and knobs finish off a real vintage look.  It was built in Leakesville but not delivered until after the move in October of 2003.
Natural Flame - Last one Scott Brady ran the custom shop in Meridian after Leakesville closed.  When it was all winding down Scott was able to purchase the last two Wolfgangs built, which are this one and the one below it.  This is the last one.  It is a hollow mahogany body, clear gloss finish, trans wine red back, 5A flame top, matching, headstock, mother of pearl block inlay, rosewood fretboard, gold hardware w/ straplocks  It has P90 pick-ups and according to Scott is the only one he knows of produced with these.
Natural Quilt - 2nd to last Scott Brady ran the custom shop in Meridian after Leakesville closed.  When it was all winding down Scott was able to purchase the last two Wolfgangs built, which are this one and the one above it.  This is the 2nd to last one.  It is a hollow mahogany body, 5A Quilt top, oil finish, satin birdseye headstock....nice.  Mother of pearl block inlay, rosewood fretboard with awesome birdseye on back of neck.  Gold Hardware w/ straplocks.
Tiger Eye Quilt This guitar belongs to Joe from  The guitar has the cool black flame inlay and a matching headstock.  I think the body is basswood but I am not positive.  Joe calls it his Wolfzilla.
Blue Quilt Archtop Nice Blue quilt top with matching headstock.  This guitar belongs to Thierry Jacques.  Produced in Meridian. 
Naturalburst Quilt Special This super nice naturalburst quilt special (might be called "mochaburst") belongs to Andrew Schultz.  It has an ebony fretboard, birdseye neck, dark red finish on the body and a black headstock.  The body looks like it is Ash or Alder.  It isn't basswood.  Andy wasn't sure.  This was produced in Leakesville.
Tiger Eye Quilt Top This one also belongs to Andrew Schultz and is a tigereye quilt top with rosewood fretboard and matching headstock along with gold hardware.  This one was produced in Meridian.
Sunburst Quilt This is a very nice sunburst quilt that was for sale on eBay.  It went for $2,650 on August 17, 2005.
Koa Flame This is an awesome Koa flame top Wolfgang with matching headstock, EVH Block fretboard inlays on an ebony fretboard and gold hardware.  This is a prize.  I remember seeing this one at the NAMM show.  There is a story that this was meant to go to EVH but based on circumstances never did.  It belongs to Don Smith from the mountains of West Virginia and it is part of a really nice Wolfgang collection.  Don has the sickness almost as bad as me!   Don also has a website with his guitars at
Koa Flame This guitar belongs to Robert Schwab.  It is a Koa body and top, unfinished, rosewood fretboard with block MOP inlays, matching headstock and cream colored knobs.  It is finished in a much different stain than the one above (they are both very nice).  Very classy guitar.
Pre-Custom Shop Custom This guitar also belongs to Robert Schwab.  It is a pre-custom shop custom that was given to a music store owner as a gift from Peavey before Robert got it.  It has an ebony fretboard with EVH block inlays and a matching headstock.  This does appear to be prior to the Custom shop based on the top not being the killer material they were using once the Custom Shop officially started up.  It is still very nice.
Amber Quilt Special This is Jeff Alexander with the only Custom Shop guitar I have seen with these inlays that are very similar to the Triple X girl on Peavey's amps and speakers.  She is on the 12th and 5th frets with diamonds in the other positions.  It is also the only one I have seen with the pick-up selector switch on the bottom.  Jeff won a Custom Shop guitar in a guitar competition and had this amber quilt top Special built. Nice!
Red Quilt Special This red quilt special with matching headstock and EVH block inlays was originally ordered and is currently owned by Chase Kisling. 
Koa Special Stop Tail Another of Steve Polin's collection, this is a really nice solid Koa Stop Tail with a rosewood fretboard and abalone block inlays.  Koa has gotten very expensive for a solid block like this. 
Koa Special This one of a kind Koa Special Wolfgang belongs to Tim Joyce.  It is a solid Koa body with Koa neck, fretboard and headstock.  It appears to have abalone bar inlays as well.  Nice gold pick-up trim rings to go with the gold hardware.  I don't think I ever seen another all Koa guitar of any kind.
Peacock Blue Quilt This one also belongs to Tim Joyce.  Nice Peacock Blue Custom with matching headstock.
Greenburst Flame Top This is from the collection of Robert Letizio.  It is a greenburst flame top with a rosewood fretboard, pearl dot inlays.  It was one of the last ones built with a date of 12/22/04. 
3 Humbucker Stop Tail This is from the collection of Robert Letizio.  In Leakesville they cut 5 ash bodies for a 3 pick-up model but never used them.  They were cut for a stop tail bridge as well.  When the Custom shop was winding down in Meridian and they were using up any remaining inventory they completed them.  4 were in black and I was able to get the last one in Orange.  There is no tone knob, but dual volume controls allowing the center pick-up to work independently of the other two, creating a deep and rich sustain according to Robert (mine is not completed as of this date).  This one was born on 10/30/04.
Tribal Flames Special Also from the collection of Robert Letizio, this ivory special has hand painted black tribal flames, pearl dot inlays on an ebony fretboard, all black hardware and pick-ups.  The neck is hardrock maple.  It was born on 11/11/04.
Dark Cherry Flame Top Special This guitar belongs to Steve Polin.  It is a really nice dark cherry flame top Special with flames painted around the edges on both the back and the front.  Birdseye fretboard with no inlays.  Black headstock.
Natural Quilt Arch Top Part of Steve Polin's collection.  Natural quilted maple top Custom Deluxe (no finish),  The body is ash with just an oil finish and cream binding. The neck is birdseye with an ebony fretboard and pearl block inlays. This is Steve's personal favorite.
Ash Vintage Sunburst Arch Top Another of Steve Polins collection.  It is solid ash construction with a birdseye fretboard with block inlays.  The body is stained to match with the burst on the back as well.  The guitar also has the matching headstock.
Solid Ivory Custom This guitar belongs to Milan Kordlup from Zemun, Serbia.  This guitar has an outstanding neck.  Milan was lucky enough to somehow find this like new Custom shop guitar in his local area!
Alder Natural Flames Special This is Steve Polin's Ivory custom Special with see through alder body flame (front and back). This one has gold hardware and a birdseye maple neck/fretboard with pearl dot inlays and matching headstock.
Dark Cherryburst Quilt Dark Cherryburst quilt with ebony fretboard and EVH block inlays.  Matching headstock.  Great combination.  This guitar is owned by Louis Kruska and is one of the last Custom Shop guitars to get completed in Leakesville.
Moonburst Flame Top This is a really pretty Moonburst Flame top owned by Dirk K..  It has a rosewood fretboard and stock black headstock.
Tiger Eye Quilt This guitar belongs to Xavier Bradley from Sacramento.  It is a really nice Tiger eye quilt with black hardware and matching headstock.  I have more pictures I will put up later.  Xavier wrote me the following, which is worth sharing:  " It is hard to explain they are just on a whole different level and until you play one you can't appreciate or understand ( at least I couldn't) Anyways I am hooked on these guitars. They are definitely the best money can buy Period."
Purpleburst Special This is a purpleburst Special with an ebony fretbooard and pearl dots.  The headstock is black.  It was for sale on eBay on 11/22/05.  I am not sure who purchased it.
Clear Acrylic Wolfgang They made three of these guitars that I am aware of.  One went to Ed and another showed up on eBay awhile back.  The third belongs to a record producer named Kevin Shirley.  When they produced this guitar it was a "novelty" guitar.  It is VERY heavy and I am told doesn't have the greatest tone by the guys who produced them.  On the other side it is said that EVH loves his so he must be happy with how it sounds.  Any way you look at it, it is definitely a unique Wolfgang.
Hot Rod Flames Arch Top This is a cool Custom arch top painted with Hot Rod Flames that belongs to Scott Pickens.  The pick-ups are all black instead of the zebra look and there are decorative pick-up rings installed in gold to match the gold hardware.  That was something they rarely did but it gives it the vintage look.  The headstock is standard black.
Ocean Blue Quilt Special This is a real nice Ocean Blue Quilt Special with matching headstock and a birdseye neck & fretboard.  The fret protector was left on in the picture so you can't see the fretboard as well.  This guitar was owned by Mike Rees. He solid it for $2,300 on eBay on 12/15/04.
Purple Flames Special This guitar belongs to Neale Hanna from Calgary, Canada.  Neil was lucky to find this Leakesville built guitar in a music store in Canada.  Nice find.  The headstock is the standard black and it has the tribal flames inlays on what looks like a rosewood (could be ebony) fretboard. 
Koa on Mahogany This beautiful Koa Custom Shop guitar was on eBay and this is the best picture I could get.  It has a black binding, black hardware, mahogany body and an ebony fretboard.  The headstock is black.  I would like to get this one but it is expensive and I already have too many!
Natural Quilt Special This natural quilt Special belongs to Mark Reres.  He was the first one to grab this guitar the morning it showed up in the EHV Vault.  There were dozens of other people asking for it as the demand in October '04 far out paced supply.  This guitar has an ebony fretboard and no inlays.  The headstock is standard.  It has a birdseye neck and regular Special tuners. 
Sunburst Flame - Mahogany This is a gorgeous sunburst flame with the very thin flame pattern in the wood grain.  The rosewood fretboard is exceptional and darker in color than the other 3 I have.  The set-up on this guitar is perfect.  It plays great.  The mahogany body makes it a little heavier giving it a little more versatility for clean tones and probably slightly more sustain.  It just has a great feel to it.
Light Blue Flame A beautiful Custom Shop, lighter blue flame top.  I would have liked to have seen this one have a matching headstock if they could have matched the body.  It has a standard black headstock.  The guitar is owned by Rob S. 
Dark Cherryburst - Solid Ash This guitar was built for the Winter NAMM 2004 show and is owned by David Grant.  It is solid Ash construction with matching headstock and abalone bar inlays.  The actual color is a little darker than this, but the direct natural light brings out the wood better.
Tiger Eye Flame - Alder body This guitar is stunning but it doesn't exist anymore as pictured.  Mark Aziz is the owner but he wanted something different so he sent it to GMW in LA to have it re-topped.  What it turned into is the next guitar down.   It is an Alder body with black binding.  The back is the regular gloss black and the headstock is the standard black.  The fretboard has the black flames (obviously). 
Spalted Maple retop from GMW - Alder Body This guitar is the one above with a new Spalted Maple top from GMW.  The picture is from GMW before they shipped it back.  I am curious what kind of binding they did as the Wolfgangs come with a poured binding.  I doubt that was duplicated but you never know.  GMW does great work.  Spalted maple was something I had on the list to get but they never got to it.  I had it on order for close to 2 years but supposedly they lost the piece of wood they had picked out.  Thus, Peavey never built a Spalted Maple Wolfgang so this is the only way to get one and in all likelihood the only one that exists. For anyone interested GMW's price was $1,000 to do this.
Harvestburst Quilt This guitar is owned by Rob S.  It is a really nice harvestburst quilt with matching headstock and gold hardware. 
Brown Quilt 10A Maple top, Mahogany body, rosewood fretboard.  Very pretty.  I am not sure who owns this one.  This picture was sent to me awhile ago and I forgot to put it up.  I wish I had ordered one like this!
Las Vegas Custom This guitar is owned by Chris Bettiol from Australia.  It is the Las Vegas custom graphic.  The guitar has a maple top, matching headstock and EVH block inlays on the fretboard.  The guitar is in new condition.
Amber / Red Flames Special This guitar belongs to David Turner.  It was displayed at the summer NAMM show 2004.  Very unique.  This one has the tribal flames inlays.  Headstock is standard.  Looks cool in the light.
Burnt Orange Quilt Archtop This guitar also belongs to Scott Flood.  It is a nice burnt orange quilt they called TRCORAL.  It has gold hardware and a matching headstock.  Very few in this color.
Koa Special This is a gorgeous natural oiled finish special deluxe with a flame like Koa top.  The guitar is owned by Mike Crisel from Santa Cruz.  The guitar has an ebony fretboard with pearl block inlays, all black pick-ups and I think a Koa body since the build sheet just says "Koa" in describing the guitar.  It does look a lot like Mahogany though.  Either way it is a great guitar.
Red Quilt Special This guitar belongs to Jason Chanyi.  He won this as the last guitar given away in the "Eddie's Dozen" contest promotion, that was started when the Custom Shop opened.  They gave one guitar away each month.  This is a Special with what I believe is a quilt top that happens to have a bit of a flame look to it.  It has an ebony fretboard with block inlays.  The neck is the hard rock maple rather than the birdseye.  The headstock is black and it has the Special tuners.
"Heavenly Body" Special This design with the crosses was done for the Christian Rock market.  I really liked this guitar and almost bought it but I limited myself to buying two at the NAMM show and this was #3.  I took the picture at the NAMM show.
Green Quilt Top This guitar is owned by Rob Sinclair.  This is a beautiful green quilt with black binding, black hardware, matching headstock and black tribal flames on the fretboard.  It was built in Leakesville.
Custom Graphic - USA Flag

For Sale By Owner

This guitar is owned by Bjorn Zengaffinen from Switzerland.  Bjorn needs to sell this guitar.  His price is $2,500 if anyone is interested.  His e-mail address is
Swiss Flag Archtop Thanks to Mark from Switzerland for sending me some pictures of his guitar and him playing live.  I posted that I was looking for pictures of this guitar and eventually Mark found the site and contacted me!  The power of the Internet to reach across oceans!   Most of the "flag" guitars were done custom before there was a custom shop,
  This guitar also belongs to Mark from Switzerland.  It is yellow with a black binding and pearl dot inlays.
Checkerboard Flame Special This guitar is owned by Don Weed.  It is a really nice Checkerboard flame special with matching headstock.
Sunburst Quilt Top

This Guitar belongs to Glenn Lundberg.  It is a great classic look.  I am hoping to get some additional pictures to create a page for it.  It has a matching headstock and ebony fretboard as well as a mahogany body.
Blue Flame Custom Special I love the light dark pattern in this blue flame.  This was one of the last Custom Shop models.  It was produced on December 9th and sold to a buyer in IL who turned around and sold it because he bought an EVH Art guitar.  Say it isn't so Jim!  It has the standard headstock.  It sold for $2,250.
Red Quilt Top

This guitar is part of the collection of Scott Garrand.  It is a red quilt top with matching headstock.  It has a Basswood body, birdseye neck and fretboard.
Green Quilt Top

This guitar is owned by Tom Sutton and is truly unique.  It was originally built for a Peavey endorsee at the time named Steve Henderlong of 39 stripes.  Steve is with Gibson now.  Steve ordered his guitars with coil tap switch where the tone control was.  There are a couple of pictures of him playing it live on the link to the left.  This guitar was a pre-Custom Shop Custom model.  It has an ebony fretboard with abalone bar inlays and a Mahogany body.  It has been wired to split all 4 coils and Tom says the sound is Amazing.  The Peavey logo is also abalone while the EVH & Wolfgang markings are in black.  Tom owns 6 other production Wolfgangs. 
Blue Satin Sheets Archtop This guitar is owned by Mike Wilks.  It is the only blue version I have seen of this design.  I have seen it in purple.  It has a rosewood fretboard with pearl bar inlays and the regular black headstock.  The fretboard protector is on in the picture for anyone wondering what that is above the neck pick-up.
Credit Card Special

This guitar was showcased at the NAMM show (03').  Its top is made out of cut up credit cards.  It is a Special.  I did not play it but I thought it looked cool and was very creative.  This is not one of mine.
Purple Leopard Archtop This purple leopard archtop was for sale on eBay.  The owner has a couple of Custom Shop guitars.  This is likely a one of a kind.  It is a rosewood fretboard and the headstock is the regular black.  The owner had changed the neck pick-up and it looks like when he put back the original to sell it he put the neck pick-up in reversed.
Stryper Custom Wolfgang

This guitar was also for sale on eBay.  It was made for Michael Sweet of Stryper for their 2003 Reunion tour.  Michael has offered to sign it with a photograph at the owners request.  It is cool guitar with tribal flame inlays on an ebony fretboard with all black pick-up covers.  You can check Stryper out at
Natural Quilt

This guitar was submitted by Dave Richards.  It is a great combination.  Dave went with black hardware, black binding and no markings on the birdseye fretboard (there are side markings) for a really clean look.  The quilt is superb.  The body is mahogany and has a beautiful wood grain finish.
Ivory Custom Deluxe I love this guitar.  It is a Les Paul style Wolfgang that was displayed at the January 2003 NAMM show.  Mysteriously it was sold new for the first time (it appears) in late 2004.  I believe this guitar went into storage at Peavey because EVH objected to it or maybe just by accident.  It was then discovered and sold by Peavey at the end.  Andy Lindsay from the UK got the lucky break as a local dealer acquired it with a few other Custom Shop models from Peavey and Andy grabbed it from there.  It has a matching headstock.
Ocean Blue Quilt Special This guitar belongs to Roman Amrein.  It has a matching headstock, black hardware and a birdseye neck and fretboard.  The lettering on the headstock is gold.
Koa Special Stop Tail This guitar is at the time of this placement, for sale on eBay.  It is a solid Koa special, stop tail with a rosewood fretboard, abalone bar inlays and a standard black headstock.  The neck is birdseye maple.  I pulled the picture from eBay so hopefully I can get a better one later.
Chelsea Constable Wolfs This is Chelsea Constable.  Chelsea is a Peavey endorsed artist who has performed at the Peavey booth at the last two Winter NAMM shows, among many other appearances.  Chelsea is 14, but her playing is worthy of a talented guitarist of any age.   And she only started 4.5 years ago.   She plays Satriani like...... well like Satriani.  She is a great person and handles herself well beyond her years.  Her parents have to be very proud, not just about her guitar playing but about the person.  Chelsea has a Wolfgang collection.  Click the link to the left for the page.
Silver Special with skulls This guitar was on eBay.  I hope to get better pictures from the owner.  The back is silver as well.  I don't know if it has a matching headstock.  This one shows the skull and crossbones inlays which was an option but you don't see it too much.
Dark Cherryburst Quilt Junior Here is one of my Juniors next to a regular Wolfgang for size comparison.  Info on the Junior on next listing below.  I may offer my Caramel quilt (pictured at the bottom of the "Other Wolfgangs" page) for sale if I can't find a good place to be able to display them both.   Both guitars are listed with pictures at the bottom of the "Other Wolfgangs" section.
3/4 Size Wolfgang Juniors

Dark Cherryburst Quilt

Caramel Quilt

These .75 Wolfgang guitars were displayed at the 2003 NAMM show in Anaheim but never sold as there was no demand for them from the dealers at the show.  My information is that there were 13 made total.  3 originally that all went to EVH and then 10 more of which 6 went to EVH.  So 9 to EVH and 4 others.  Peavey kept one for posterity and I have two of them.  The trans black one is owned by a Peavey employee who really deserves to have it.  I am not sure if EVH disposed of any of his into the market.  These are flat tops but have both a volume and tone knob. There is a fixed string through bridge, although a couple trem models were produced that went to EVH. They have a soft action and play great.
Don from WV - Misc. These are part of Don Smith from WV's collection.  Killer Koa flame from 2003 NAMM show and red string-thru among others.  He has a website with his guitars at
Group of Customs 2004 NAMM I ended up with two of these.  Some nice guitars here but not the incredible pieces like were seen at the 2003 NAMM show.
3 Customs - Summer '04 NAMM These were at the Summer (July) 2004 NAMM show in Nashville. 
3 More Customs - Summer '04 Here are three more Custom Shop models from the Summer NAMM 2004 show in Nashville.  I think these and the three picture above were all they had.  This looks like the last NAMM show for the Peavey Wolfgang!
4 Customs from NAMM '03

I can't find the original picture of this before I resized it.  These were some interesting guitars displayed at the January 2003 NAMM show.  The Ivory and black ones were very classy and the flame designs eye catching.  If anyone sees this and owns one of these guitars please get me some pictures.  I would also be interested in buying your guitar. 
Hollow Body (bolt on) You will not see this guitar anywhere else in the world and it isn't even supposed to exist.  This hollow body, bolt on neck Wolfgang is the only one of its kind.  Click this link to read the story.  Wolfgang Hollow Body Guitars
Hollow Body (set neck) This is the sister to the guitar above.  It is a set neck hollow body Wolfgang.  Click this link to read the story.  Wolfgang Hollow Body Guitars

(click this link)

  Still have not seen enough Custom Shop pictures?  Click the link to the left for another page of pictures from the Custom Shop

WANTED.  Do you know where this guitar is or one like it? (turquoise flame inlays)

I am looking for this guitar or one like it with the turquoise inlays on an ebony fretboard.  If you have one or know where one is I will pay top dollar for this guitar.  I have almost one with an example of everything Peavey did with the Custom Shop guitars, but I don't have one with the turquoise inlays.




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