HP Special - Order Information

Note:  The information below is the best available as of 3/11/05.  Prices are stated at list before your discount and are subject to change by Peavey.    Delivery is currently at least May for an order placed now and probably later.  Right now this isn't a form you can fill out but you can use it as a guide. You can e-mail me with all questions at knappg@att.net.  Peavey is currently working on getting all this information on their site along with the ability to configure and price a guitar like you could with the Wolfgang.  The stock HP Special will come in 10 colors and be less expensive just like with the Wolfgang.

1. HP Special Custom Flat Top   $2,199  
  Arch Top   $2,399  
2. Bridge FR Licensed Trem    Std. Note: Has lock down option with it so trem only goes flat
  Real Floyd Rose Trem   $ 400  
  String-Thru   Not Available Might be available in 6 to 12 months
  Stop Tail   Not Available Might be available in 6 to 12 months
3. Body Wood Basswood     Std.  
    Mahogany   $  120  
  Alder   $   80  
  Ash   $  120  
  Koa   $1,199  
  Korina   $  180  
4. Top Wood No Top (solid body)    $    0  
  Flame Maple   No Charge  
  Quilted Maple   No Charge .
  Birdseye Maple   $  800  
  Koa   $  400  
5. Top Color Standard Color   Std. Need a list of standard transparent colors
  Custom Solid Color   No Charge  
  Custom Trans. Color   $  300 Mostly refers to two tone colors and custom shades
  Custom Graphic   Not Available May be available after 6 to 12 months.
6. Body Color Gloss Black   Std.  
  Trans finish or other   ? On the Wolfgang they didn't charge me for this.
7. Headstock Matching   Std.  
  Other   Not Available  
8. Neck Maple   Std. on FT  
  Birdseye   Std. on CT Will be upcharge for flat top.  Need $$
  Mahogany   ? Only available with a mahogany body.
9. Fretboard Maple   Std. on FT  
  Birdseye   Std. on CT  
  Rosewood   No Charge  
  Ebony   $   50  
10. Fretboard inlays Black dots   Std.  
  Pearl dots   No Charge  
  Pearl Bars   No Charge No price estimate yet but an up-charge is expected
  Other   Quote They will provide quote.  Won't do any of the EVH inlays
11. Fret metal Regular   Std.  
  Stainless Steel   No Charge. Will effect the tone (a little thinner) but lasts forever
12. Hardware Color Chrome   Std.  
  Gold   $  120  
  Black   $   40  
13. Pick-up cover color Zebra (white/black)   Std.  
  All Black   No Charge  
14, Binding Color Natural   Std.  
  Black   $300 What they are saying is they don't want to do it!
  Creme   $300 What they are saying is they don't want to do it!