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New RockNRollWeekend.com site now live.  All content has moved. This site is no longer updated

Above is a picture of my main Wolfgang Display in my music room (This isn't all of them!)

I am the guy with too many Wolfgangs.  Everyone has to have a passion and this is one of mine.  I have been a Van Halen fan since college when Van Halen put out their first record, although this is NOT a fan site, it is about the guitars.  Over the years I have admired and enjoyed the talent and passion for guitar and music that Ed has demonstrated throughout his career.  He is an incredible innovator.  Always tinkering.  Always looking for something better.  His ear is legendary.  There was an interview with Hartley Peavey where Hartley said that against all odds Ed was able to tell that Peavey had changed the type of wood they were using for braces in the 5150 cabinets even though he hadn't been told.  They couldn't believe it, so they tested him and sure enough he could tell and they had to change it back.  He is extremely particular about his guitars and equipment and he wants everything perfect.  This same attitude, ability, passion and personality is in the Wolfgang guitar.  Ed designed and had built a guitar that was exactly what he wanted to play with the idea that there might be others that would want the same thing.  I would say that was a pretty good bet!  The Music Man EVH was and is a great guitar but the Wolfgang Standard is the next step in the evolution and the Custom Shop Wolfgang is the promise land.  This guitar deserves to be recognized beyond what it has been, and thus a big part of the motivation for this site.  I apologize if I sound like a Peavey ad.

The Wolfgang Custom Shop guitars for me are modern art.  They are the ultimate combination of beauty and function.  I display all of my Wolfgangs.  They are my "art collection"!  I don't believe in leaving them in their case.  I would prefer to sell it than store it.  I still own 4 (1 amber, 1 sunburst, 1 purple, 1 red) original year quilt tops, 36 Custom Shop models, 3 prototypes and three other production models.  I own about 10 other various guitars as well.  Somewhere around 50 guitars in all.  I guess that might officially suggest some kind of disorder, or at least eccentricity!  There are worse things!    


one faithful fan attends all my shows! - Our Golden Retriever (Boomer - not pictured) also attends most of them

Many people might think I must be a great guitar player with all these guitars, but unfortunately I don't have enough time or enough talent.  I am still hoping to be the oldest child prodigy!  The good news is that I continue to get better.  However, nobody will ever mistake me for Eddie.  For now I need to keep my day job.  I played when I was in high school and college (not very well) and then didn't play much at all for nearly 15 years, which coincides with my starting a software company and a family, both of which consumed ALL of my time during my late 20's and 30's.  About five years ago my oldest daughter (Erika - now 21) wanted to learn to play guitar.  I thought I might give her a few lessons so I pulled out my Les Paul Custom from college and started in again.  Erika needed a guitar to play so I started looking at guitars on the Web.  I got a guitar for her (not a Wolfgang), but I also got one for me (like I needed it) as I was intrigued by the Wolfgang.  I fell in love with it.  My daughter went the way of most beginning guitar players (although she says she wants to start up again!) while I renewed my interest in rock guitar and developed a deeper interest than I had when I was younger and a better discipline for not only practicing but practicing properly.  It has paid off as I have gotten to a level where I can really enjoy it.  I have played most days for the past four or five years.  So now with more time to play and the good fortune to afford to have fun with all these guitars, I am playing as much guitar as I can (when I am not traveling) and buying and selling a few Wolfgang guitars.  I am having a lot of fun with it and have met some great people.  I still have to work full time (and then some) as I still run the software company, but I am finding the time.  If anyone cares my company's website is www.CAMcommerce.com

I had been buying other brands of guitars for the past few years in a quest to find anything that I like better than the Wolfgang at ANY price.  I hade given up until the HP Special Custom Shop guitars started showing up.  I have found some really great guitars that are keepers but nothing I would trade my best Wolfgangs for, although the new HP Specials are in some ways superior to the Wolfgang due to their versatility, while still having everything I like about the Wolfgang.  I have sold most of the guitars I bought to try.  I have not found a neck that plays better (HP's have the same neck) at any price or a guitar with a better sound for the music I like!  The quality is incredible and rivals any super expensive hand made guitar. As of today the Wolfgang Custom Shop guitar and now the HP Special Custom Shop guitar, are still in my opinion, the best guitars at any price for the music I like to play and listen to.   And in looking back the price was an absolute steal as it is today with the HPS's.  The Custom Shop models are a cut above the production models, which are still really nice.  I think some people just can't believe that a large company like Peavey can produce this kind of guitar.  It isn't until someone actually gets and plays one of the really nice ones that they become a true convert.  It happens every time!  You have to experience this guitar.  Think of the Custom Shop as a little 4 person company within Peavey with all the resources and knowledge of Peavey.  It was the best of both worlds (small and large company). 


Has this guitar thing gone too far or not far enough?  The guitar wall in my office in my home.

Through my collecting and purchasing of Wolfgang guitars I have had the opportunity to meet and communicate with many people at Peavey.  It has been because of the friendly, helpful and customer centric nature of the Custom Shop and everyone I have met at Peavey that I have gone to the next level with my interest in these guitars.   If I couldn't get all the cool stuff that the Custom Shop was willing to do when they were open I would almost certainly have a lot less interest and I am sure I wouldn't have created this site.  I would really like to Thank Scott, Brian, Chris, Becky, Tim, Vickie, Faye, Lanee, Bill and Mike for all the great customer service and wonderful Wolfgang guitars.  The Custom Shop produced the ultimate Wolfgang (ultimate guitar) your way!  I am looking forward to the continuation of that with the HP Special Custom Shop guitars as has been my experience so far.

If you have an original year quilt or especially a custom shop model I would love to display it on this site.  What I need are some decent quality photos, the serial number and a basic description of what the components of the guitar are if it is a Custom Shop model. 

I hope you enjoy the site.  Send me an e-mail if you do at knappg@att.net as it is good motivation to keep it going and to improve it!  People at work keep offering to make it better for me, but I just keep it simple so I can manage it myself.  I plan to keep it going regardless of the Peavey - EVH split.  It will just become more of a Wolfgang Museum site!  I have a new site I am working on called RocknRollWeekend.com where I will eventually be moving all the HP stuff to.  And if you were looking for information you couldn't find please let me know so that I might add it in the future.  Any pictures of Ed playing a Wolfgang that I don't have already (see misc. section) I would also love to have.  Or anyone else playing a Wolfgang live!,

Thanks for visiting my site!  And always remember, "The Journey is the Reward"!

Geoff Knapp















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