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New site now live.  All content has moved. This site is no longer updated

NEW HP Specials JUST Delivered on 2/27/06 now for sale at

While this is not a commercial site and not intended for the purpose of selling guitars, I usually have guitars I am selling and I get asked on a regular basis what I have for sale.  

I don't have much at all to sell as far as Wolfgangs.  Demand has really picked up for first year quilts and they are harder than ever to find.  I now just have one of each color.  Custom Shop Wolfgangs also have a much higher demand than supply.  Of course there will mostly be Wolfgang's for sale here, but I do have others from time to time.  Also, once they start delivering HP Specials I will try and keep a few Customs available for immediate delivery.

I am very picky about my guitars so I will describe anything that I see that is wrong with it.  I try to only buy guitars that are in near mint or better condition.  I am not as particular about the backs of the Wolfgang's on production models because the gloss black is nothing special anyway and you never see it.  I am VERY particular about the tops. You can contact me at if you are interested in any of these guitars.

Buying and Selling on eBay - I have been a big user of eBay in the past but I have to say that eBay has lots of problems.  Shill bidding is a huge problem.  This is where a seller uses another account or another person to artificially bid up the price of their item and/or to try and create a bidding war.  If done well it can't be detected.  However, in some cases it is really obvious.  I know there are sellers who don't see a problem with doing this, which is very surprising.  eBay will terminate a seller if caught.  There are also more scams popping up all the time.  eBay says they police the site, but they don't police anything for the most part unless it is reported.  They are overwhelmed.  If you use eBay, be very cautious.  I recently dealt with a seller with a perfect feedback rating of over 300.  However it turned out it wasn't this seller at all, but that the seller's account had been stolen by someone else looking to commit fraud.  So in this case going by the feedback would have worked against me.  The bogus seller was selling a high end guitar he didn't own.  Many times these fake sellers try and look for people who want to purchase outside of eBay.  If you send the money and never get the item who are you going to complain to?  If you use eBay, remember the old "buyer beware", "seller beware" sayings.  eBay is still the best place to find Wolfgangs and most of my dealings have been positive but just be careful.

Also, why do people bid early on an auction?  I really don't understand the rationale behind this.  Unless you think the seller will end the auction early and sell to someone else all you are doing is allowing someone else to see your bid in time to bid more or push your bid higher causing you to pay more.  The last thing you want is an emotional bidding war if you are a buyer.  It is exactly what you want if you are the seller.  I use a "sniping" service to place my bid for me in the last 10 seconds.  Some are free.  I use  (there are other such services).  I decide the most I am willing to pay and forget about it.  And I can always change or cancel my bid right up to the end with the sniping service since it hasn't actually been placed on eBay.  This allows me to change my mind without recourse right up to the end.  Now you know how those last seconds bids come in! 

 <Click the thumbnail pictures below for a larger image and the links to the left where available for more pictures>

ALL guitars include the original hardshell case unless otherwise noted.

HP Special Custom Shop Amber Quilt Top


On Hold - Pending Sale

This one was much nicer than I expected once it arrived.  Top notch quilt and a nice fretboard.  The headstock is a matching color on birdseye.  Basswood body. The back is black.  It is a flat top.  It was shown at the 2006 NAMM show by Peavey and came straight from the show to me.  It is new.

HP Special Custom Shop CT Cajun Red Flame Top



I am very surprised this guitar is still available. Lots of inquires but nobody has locked it up yet!  One of the first 25 HPS's ever made and one of the first 10 arch tops this Custom Shop Cajun Red flame CT (arch top) with matching headstock (that includes the flame maple veneer) is very nice!  It has the black basswood body and abalone dot inlays.  Built for NAMM 2006 and delivered straight to me after the show.  The guitar is new.

Wolfgang Amber Flame Top Standard Deluxe.  


On Hold - Pending Sale

I believe this guitar is from the beginning of the 2nd year but we will never know because it has no serial number.  I have seen this a few times and it appears that some got out that way in the transition from the first year quilts to the 2nd year flames.  It has a superb neck/fretboard like a first year.  The top is kind of a cross between a quilt and flame.  I didn't do a good job with the photographs.  The guitar is in excellent condition with no blemishes beyond the tiny stuff on the back that comes from playing as it has been played.  I loaned it to a friend for recording awhile back.  It has not been gigged. 
Sunburst Quilt 2066 - $3,500

Offered by 3rd Party

This guitar belongs to Colin McTaggart and is being offered for sale by him.  I am not involved in this transaction.  I have never seen this guitar in person.  This first year Sunburst quilt is a great find.  It is hard to find a nicer quilt than this in a first year Wolfgang and Sunburst is the most popular color.  Add to that this guitar is in near mint condition with no flaws and you will be hard pressed to do better than this one if you want a first year quilt.  Shipping is included in the price.  Contact Colin at
Amber Quilt 1033 - $3,000

Offered by 3rd Party

This guitar belongs to Jim Ryan and is being offered for sale by him.  I am not involved in this transaction.  I have never seen this guitar in person.  This guitar is in near mint condition.  It has been played sparingly and has no blemishes.  You can contact Jim at for more pictures and more information.
Mr. Horsepower - Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap Guitar.  $10,500.


This is one of the most collectable guitars there is.  I have been offered 5 figures for my #8 before but I just couldn't sell it.  After a couple of years of looking I was able to get another.  They rarely come up for sale.  Some of them are owned by big name people in the industry who will likely never sell them.  Only 25 were ever made and they were numbered and signed by Nigel himself for charity.  On the link to the left you can read the details of one of the coolest guitars ever made.  The pictures are all of #8 but this one is exactly the same.  The signature is actually a little clearer on the one for sale.  It is in new condition with the original case.





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